How to make Edible Glass (Yummy!)

sugar glass

Here’s an example of some pretty convincing fake glass.

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WHAT YOU NEED: butter, baking sheet, 1 cup sugar, heavy stainless steel or nonstick frying pan, large wooden spoon.


1.Butter the baking sheet, and place it in the refrigerator.

2.Put the sugar in the frying pan. With adult supervision, set the pan on a burner at low heat.

3.Stir the sugar slowly as it heats up. The sugar will slowly turn tan, stick together in clumps, and begin melting into pale brown liquid.

4.Continue stirring until the sugar melts into a thick brown liquid.

5.Pour the brown liquid into the cold baking sheet. Let cool.

WHAT HAPPENS: The melted sugar hardens into a sheet of edible sugar glass.

WHY IT WORKS: Sugar is made of crystals, just like glass, which is made from sand.


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