Exploding Egg

Okay, so maybe the egg won’t make a huge mushroom cloud of an explosion, but you’ll get to see the egg swell and burst over a period of a few days.

egg explosion

Come on Mom, it’s not a waste of food!

WHAT YOU NEED: Clean and empty mayonnaise jar with lid, 2 cups white vinegar, raw egg, turkey baster, water.


1. Fill the mayonnaise jar with vinegar, drop in the egg, and seal the lid.

2. Let sit for three days or until the egg shell completely disintegrates, leaving only the membrane. You can take it out now, if you want a bouncy egg. (But careful, because if you bounce it too hard, it’ll splatter!)

3. Using the turkey baster, drain all the vinegar from the jar, being careful not to poke the delicate membrane of the egg. Slowly fill the jar with water, reseal the lid, and let sit for several days.

WHAT HAPPENS: The egg will enlarge until the membrane bursts.

HOW IT WORKS: The acetic acid in the vinegar dissolves the calcium in the eggshell, making the shell disintegrate. The water, being a less concentrated solution than the egg’s contents, passes through the semipermeable egg membrane (by osmosis), causing the pressure inside the egg to increase until the shell bursts.


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