Citrucel Slime

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This experiment is a lot like my “Methylcellulose Ooze” page. In fact, the active ingredient in Citrucel, (which is the main ingredient you will be using), is methylcellulose. Note: This recipe only makes a small amount of slime. For a large amount, use (and, yes, this is a lot) 4-1/2 cups of Citrucel to one gallon of water.

citrucelWhat you need:

What to do:

  1. First, boil about one cup of water in the microwave.
  2. Now, slowly add 3 tablespoons of Citrucel to the water while stirring quickly.
  3. Finally, let the solution cool. You can make this faster by placing the glass in a refrigerator. After about 30 minutes, the solution should turn into a sort of gunge. This is your Citrucel Slime!



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